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We Three Kings

Thank You God For Another Day

Your Love

I Lift My Hands & Worship You

We Gather Together

Knees – Groove Edition

Only You

Fall On Me

There Is Someone

Pour Out Your Soul


The Fight Has Just Begun

Stronger Every Day


We Are Strong

I Was There That Day

Psalm 51

He Is Faithful

Walk Through The Fire

Digital Soldiers

Will You Come Join Us?

America The Beautiful

Strong Hearts Are Required


You’ll Never Take Our Freedom

Battle Hymn of the Republic


Fight For Trump

Christmas Prayer

God Bless The Patriots

God Bless Our Heroes



None Left Standing

co-written by Karen René Pryor

Never Go Back Again

Stop The Steal 2.0

You’ve Been Caught

Help From Above

The Ocean

Stop The Steal


Almost There

Stand Up

Are You Ready

American Anthem


The Best Is Yet To Come

Red White and Blue

Can You Feel It?

America Is Beautiful


We’re Awake

America Prayed


Blessings of America

Keep America Great – Kids Mix


You Stood For Us

President Of Peace


This Man

The Storm Is Here

God Bless America

American Made

Smooth Transition

For God And Country


American Jewel


There’s A Sadness

It Is Time

Flags Out For Flynn

American Spirit

American Road

American Way

My Enemy

Thank God For Our Truckers

American Prayer

We Will Prevail

All That‘s Good All That’s Wonderful


American Dream

Americans Ready

Transition Back To Greatness

Remember the Fight

An American Thing

My Only Hope

We Live In America

Taking Back California

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

Revolution 2.0

American Light

Open Up America

American Faith

America First

Everything Is Gonna Be OK

We Will Fight

American Thanks

King Of Glory

Through The Tears

American Freedom

American Hope

Raise A Glass

How I Thank You Father

Fall On Me

Jesus Is Risen (Easter Song)

Shelter From The Storm

Knees – PSALM 143


Keep America Great

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