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Sing Unto The Lord Cover Art by Michael Beatty

My first “Worship” project ever. It was recorded in my living room in 1994 on my new cutting- edge Tascam 688 porta-studio. A collection of tunes I’d written as a young Christian. They are extremely raw and the beginning of my songwriting for GOD.

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1. I Will Give Thanks

2. Oh My Strength

3. Lord We Cry

4. How I Thank You Father

5. Through The Tears

6. Behold The Lamb

7. O Lord Hear My Prayer

8. Sing Unto The Lord

9. Consider And Hear Me

10. Father Of Mercy

11. Holdin’ On To You

12. Hear My Cry

13. Lamb Of God

14. Bonus – Psalm 126 (solo)

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